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Weekend of the 4th Recap...

By thePatrick

How was your 4th? Good I hope. Well, because adventure is everything, allow me to recap mine.

8:00-Got to work. After working a 12 hour shift the day before. The day actually started off swell. The kids decided on their own to work on treatment while breakfast was being prepared.
9:15-Eating a hearty breakfast of fried eggs and an English Muffin. The kids are talking about who is going to clean what in the facility. This looks good.
9:50-Apparently it takes five kids to clean one room. Well, it takes one kid to vacuum, one to wash the walls, one to run around, one to crawl on the floor and point out the spots that were missed with the vacuum, and one to stand there holding a roll of paper towels.
10:30-Still working on that room.
11:45-That room is finally finished. So is every other chore. Oh well. I go off to prepare an awesome lunch of roast beef hoagies.
11:50-A 17 year old just pooped his pants in front of me. In other news, Patrick decides at this point that it wouldn't hurt to look more actively for a new job.
2:00ish-We watch an episode of Planet Earth. Stupid Walri (Walri must be plural for walrus. I like it more than 'walruses').
4:00-Time to go home. I've only worked 21 of the last 28 hours.
4:45-Head up to Idaho Falls for the fireworks.
9:00ish-see my favorite blog stalker (blalker?) in the 5 mile long line for the port-a-potties. She is obviously too overcome with excitement to approach me, but she does talk with C. for a bit.
Sunday, 4:00-Have a long conversation with my in-laws and out-laws about how I may or may not be a socialist/fascist/anarchist/communist.
6:00-My sister-in-law reassures my father in law that I am not, in fact, a communist.
Fast forward to about 10:30 last night, when we hit what must be a werewolf on the highway while driving home. We stop, and there is oil leaking like crazy. We stop again, and there is still oil leaking. We get home safely, park the car, go out again this morning, and the oil is still leaking. Needless to say, I'm off to see how much that stupid werewolf is going to cost me to repair my car.

In summation-clean, poop, drive, boom, sleep, communism, drive, werewolf. Beat that!


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Oh by the way, I did get to see T. She is too cute! Way too cute.

Sorry about your car. So they actually think you can be a fascist, socialist, and a communist, as well as an anarchist? Doesn't make sense to me but whatever. Also, for curiosities sake what exactly are you (politically)?

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