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Why Does the Superbowl Hate Me???

By thePatrick

An explination:
My wife and I don't have television. I'm distracted from homework enough as it is, if we had t.v., I would never get anything done, and then Grad school would be more of a dream than it is. So, last year (Giants-Patriots) we were able to go over to some friends. They DVR'd it, and we ate and watched the game at our leisure. At least until the last two minutes. You see, the game had gone long. They didn't DVR the next program on the station, so we never saw the final Giant's scoring drive. We didn't see the "helmet catch." We found out who won, but so did the rest of the world.
Fast forward to this year. Cardnals-Steelers. We still don't have t.v. I figured the game was a wash and I would simply be forced to work on a paper for my Civil Rights class that's due on Thursday. But, silly me, I found a site online that let me stream the game. For free. Complete with the commercials. I saw the ad where the flowers tell the girl that she's ugly. I saw the ad for the new Jack Black movie. And I watched the game. I saw Larry Fitzgerald's two touchdown catches. But then, disaser struck again. With 1:01 remaining in the fourth quarter, the connection froze. No good. Couldn't watch. Wouldn't stream. Took a big fat slap to the face from the internet gods. So, again, I know who won. But I didn't see the final scoring drive. I didn't see Warner's fumble. And what's worse, I didn't get to watch the office afterwards.
Sometimes, I guess that it's a good thing I like basketball more that football.