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By thePatrick

Today's post is going to be a venting post. But, to protect feelings of inadequacy in those who I may or may not be ranting about, I'm going to keep it pretty vague.

Now, I'm the type of person who likes to plan things out. I don't know why, but I like to know what is coming next. Remember, I don't graduate until December, but I've been looking into graduate schools for over a year. I've even been looking at what jobs are out there for after I finish my three year graduate program. I just like to know what's next.

So, obviously, one of the things that causes me little fits is when I think I know what is going to happen next and those plans get changed. Now my organized little brain is scrambling around trying to figure out what it can do to gain at least a little bit of control over a situation that in all actuality, it has absolutely none over.

My wife, and possibly others out there, think that I can just roll with the punches. And while it looks like I can, trust me, on the inside I'm freaking out.

One more thing. People need to take more responsibility for their own lives. This one, I guess, can be less vague. At work, I am in charge of the scheduling for the next week. It is not my job to find someone to work for people if they have requested time off. It is their responsibility to do that. However, just about every week, it seems like there is some time off requested and nobody to cover it, and I end up being the one to call around and get their shift filled.

Maybe I'm just fed up with it. Maybe I will not get it covered for them in the future and they can get written up for abandonment.

But more likely, I'll continue to be the nice guy and get their shifts covered.

Maybe I'm just a sucker like that...

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