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By thePatrick

I know that this isn't really the forum where I should be confessing my shortcomings, but then again, sometimes when you just need to get things off of your chest, there is no better location than the interwebs.

Even if all five people who read this blog know who I am.

This is really hard for me to come out and just say, so maybe I will explain the circumstances behind it. Maybe then it will be easier.

Yesterday, C. was at work and I was enjoying my time home watching T. We had been playing catch with her Princess Ball (don't judge me) and it was time for us to do the dishes.

You know, to make the house look nice since my wife was slaving away earning money to repair our werewolf damaged car.

I had my computer on, and I could tell that T. wanted to listen to some music. So we went to Pandora, which for those of you who don't know, is one of the coolest sites on the inter-webs. Then it happened. Rather than listening to one of my channels that I'd already created, baby and I decided that we should create a new one.

Enough. I'll just come out and say it.

T. and I listened to Jay-Z Radio while we were cleaning up the kitchen. And I enjoyed it, too.

Maybe it's because I live such a hardcore thug life. Maybe it's because I know what he means when he samples the children of Annie singing about it being a 'hard knock life.' Maybe it's because it makes me laugh to think that 2Pac and Notorious B.I.G. would be placed together on the same channel when they hated each other more than anything while they were alive. Whatever the reason, I like Jay-Z.

There, I said it. Now can we at least still be friends?


Way to go. Gotta culture T. right!? No harm done. Just keeping her well-rounded.

Wow, and you said you wanted a divorce after I said I liked the Dixie Chicks.

LOL! Way to go C.!!!!

I'm really not sure how I feel about this...

I think we should see other people for a while.


Who, or what is Jay-Z Radio?

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