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By thePatrick

Over the weekend, I got to work a grave shift Normally, not one of my favorite things to do. It throws off my sleep schedule, and turns me into a zombie for the entire next day.

Well, this one did that, too, who am I kidding. But there was a silver lining.

I had heard about the film Taking Chance from a few different sources on the interwebs. When I had gone to the redbox earlier in the day, and it had been there, I decided to rent it. After all, I had to stay awake during the night, so I might as well watch a movie to take a break from pretending to study for the GRE.

This movie was awesome. So awesome that I had to tell everyone at work about it. So awesome that I didn't return it and made C. watch it with me Saturday night. So awesome that I was fighting back tears. Twice. And I'm an emotionless machine.

Quick Film Summary: Chance Phelps was a Marine Corporal who died in Iraq. Whenever someone dies in Iraq, they ship their remains back home, and once they reach the states, they are escorted by another member of the armed forces. Lieutenant Colonial Michael Strobl was his escort, and he wrote about his experiences transporting Chance. It isn't pro war. It isn't anti war. But it shows the support our troops get when they cross the country.

Watch it. Spread the word. Don't be an emotionless robot.

Word of caution for younger readers/parents: This movie isn't rated. It wouldn't be rated G. However, I don't think it would be anything more that PG-13 for some language that is used when one of the Sergents who was there when Phelps dies is retelling the story. Isolated incidents. And there is nothing gruesome about the film. It is very tastefully done.


I don't have redbox. I wish. But I do have netflix. I'll add it to the queue. Thanks for sharing.

thanks! Netflix here I come!

I just watched it and it was AMAZING! I am glad that you recommended it. And on a side note, thank you Patrick for your service!!!

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