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Procrastinating the Inevitable...

Music Video Friday...

By thePatrick

This week, I present to you 100% pure awesomeness. There isn't much that I can say about today's band that their Wikipedia page won't. So check it out. Then, realize that the lead singer played Alex in Everything is Illuminated. That must be why he is such a premium dancer. Then, realize that his mustache is 100% real. That's right, not a fake. Then realize that they wrote an entire song based on wearing a certain color. That is what being a gypsy punk band is all about, I guess. So, I present to you Wonderlust King by Gogol Bordello.

Oh, and before I forget, we're taking off next week to Washington/Oregon, so you all get a break from the stupidity that I post. See you all in August, people!

The Lateness of This Post Is Brought To You By Allstate...

By thePatrick

You're in good hands...

Or something. Anyway, the reason behind this post is that our car was finally done. So we had to drive up to Preston to pick it up. It's good to have our car back.

But, on to other news.

For those of you who don't know, I am looking at Graduate school so that I can get my Master's of Library Science. Pretty much, I want to work in the archives at a university somewhere.

You know, far away from people who crap themselves on a daily basis.

Well, I found a job posted at USU working at the library there. They wanted someone with, among other awesome qualities, supervisory experience. Which is nice because I've been a Supervisor at my current job for the last two and a half years. The pay was similar to my current job. This job had awesome benefits. It was going to work around my school schedule. And more importantly, it was in the field that i wanted to go into.

Plus, people in libraries tend to crap themselves less often.

Well, this afternoon, I got a call offering me the job. It took me all of about two seconds to accept. So, I'm on my way out at the group home. And finally on to something better. I'm not a lifer!

If you can't tell, I'm fairly excited.

Anyway, that's about it. Tomorrow will be the usual Music Video Friday. Plus, it's Pioneer Day here in Utah. Fireworks suck. That is all.

Because Someone Needs To Ask...

By thePatrick

So, the other day on USUPhilosophy.com they asked an interesting question. Basically, if you could have lunch with one philosopher, who would it be? Then they created a poll where you could chose from Plato, Kant, Wittgenstein, Heidegger, or Nietzche.

I chose Kant.

But this brought to mind a serious question. Remembering that although I would consider myself a philosophy nerd, but an even bigger history nerd, I asked myself a reformed question. If I could have lunch with any U.S. President, who would it be?

My answer? Thomas Jefferson. For a few reasons. First, the whole 'Author of the Declaration of Independence' thing. Second, I need to ask him about the whole 'all men are created equal' phrase. Did it tear him apart to even write that? I mean, the dude owned slaves. And I'm not talking just a few around the house. He was a tobacco plantation owner. That's a lot of slaves. Yet he said that all men were created equal.

But I'm a nerd like that.

So, now I turn the question over to you, oh three readers of mine. Which U.S. President would you most like to have lunch with. I'd create a poll, but it seems silly to have a poll with 44 different responses. I'll repeat, make all the obvious assumptions: that they're not dead, that you would be able to communicate, that the food and service will all be good, etc. Who would you eat with? Feel free to leave your answer in the comments.

Gimmie A Head With Hair...

By thePatrick

Today is a very exciting day at the thePatrick household. No, I didn't get a new job *crosses fingers*. No, our car isn't yet out of the shop, although they have started the repairs.

Today, C. is going to go and get her hair cut.

And for those of you who don't know, this is a momentous occasion in our lives. Not because she never cuts her hair. She does. But when she says haircut, she means style change. And it is a process. It all starts out by her deciding that she needs a haircut. Then, she has to spend anywhere from minutes to days perusing the interwebs to find the hairstyle that she likes so that she can print it off and bring it to the person cutting her hair.

But this time, there was a problem.

Both of our printers were out of ink. But the ever resourceful C. came up with a solution. She saved the pictures to her computer, then found a way for her to text them to herself, so that they can be on her phone and she can show the hairstylist that way.

But all this fuss got me to thinking about the last time I changed my hairstyle. The answer was easy. 1996. Other than when I went to basic training/Iraq and the first few months of my mission, I have had the same hairstyle since I was a freshman in high school. And I have a very simple explanation for that.

I'm a guy.

See, girls seem to always need to reinvent themselves, to find the next greatest hairstyle. That way they can show the world how awesome and trend setting they can be. Guys on the other hand, well, we find a hairstyle that works for us, and we stick with it. I've had the same style for over 13 years. My dad has had the same haircut for all 27 years that I've been around, and longer judging by pictures I've seen. In fact, there are only two reasons that I can think of that guys change their haircut, at least in general. They either a) grow it out and look shaggy or b) lose their hair and trim it short.

Earth shattering, I know, but hey, this is what I do.

So C. will come home this afternoon with a new, awesome, gorgeous haircut. I, on the other hand, will dwell in my boring, stale-haired existence, just waiting for the next time that my hair gets too long and bugs my ears, so that I can take the clippers to it myself. Because I am what I am.

I'll Take A Half-Rack To Go...

By thePatrick

One of the things that I try to do, at least in my own little way, is try to make whatever few readers I have better people.

Seriously. I'll give you time to stop laughing.

Whether it's through expanding your musical tastes every Friday, or reminding you of some of the awesomeness that is on television (Wipeout, The Mighty Boosh), or just helping you see what insurance company is ridiculous (*cough cough* Allstate *cough cough*). I am here for you.

So, in my daily perusings of the interwebs, I came upon this report. There are a few things I like about this. First, it's the fact that UPI.com's slogan is "100 Years of Journalistic Excellence." I like to think that they're talking about a print version somewhere, and not that they believe they've been on the internet since 1909. Second, I like the comment by Mark at the bottom of the page. I like that he uses the phrase "business twits." I also like that he invites people to die in a fire.

So happy!

But, upon looking at the foods there, the ones that stuck out to me were ribs and wings. Of couse, they are only on the list because people think they're a good idea to eat while driving, but who are these people? Who in their right mind goes to a restaurant, one where they serve ribs, and says, "You know what, I'll take mine to go. The 15 minutes it takes me to eat these here and clean up just aren't worth the 15 minutes of driving time I'll lose."

Who are these rib eating drivers? Who is selling ribs from their drive through window? And am I legally allowed to run them off the road with my own car if I see them?

So many questions, so few answers.

Music Video Friday...

By thePatrick

I have always loved this video. I was first introduced to it by Shay over in Iraq. He also, more or less, introduced me to Bright Eyes. When we first got back to the states he, Felt, Sayre, Norte and I all went to see Bright Eyes (along with Sons and Daughters, for those of you keeping score at home). Anyway, I have always loved the simplicity of this video, as well as being amazing that someone could sync writing (backwards, no less) with their own music. That having been said, enjoy Easy/Lucky/Free by Bright Eyes. Happy Weekend!

I'm Old Gregg!!!

By thePatrick

Now, for those of you who are completely scared of the random merman looking seaweed hair having individual to left, consider your daily checkup of this blog finished. Seriously, move along. Nothing to read here.

Those of you, however, who recognize Old Gregg from the television series "The Mighty Boosh," well, I have a treat for you.

I'm Old Gregg!!!

Sorry. I think that's out of my system. See, I was first introduced to Old Gregg by my wife. Yep, she's a strange one. I don't know if she found a clip on Youtube, or if someone first showed her, but either way, Old Gregg came into our lives.

It really was a joyous, strange day.

But then, something miraculous happened. The Adult Swim network (who also carries such fine programing as Robot Chicken, Lucy: The Daughter of the Devil, The Venture Bros., and Metalocalypse) announced earlier this summer that they were going to start showing episodes of The Mighty Boosh.

This is a good thing.

However, we don't have television. Thank goodness for the interwebs. Adultswim.com posts full episodes online, and The Mighty Boosh is among them. And this weeks addition? That's right. The Legend of Old Gregg (aka Old Gregg the Funky Merman). And where can you find it? Why, right here, silly.

And you say I never do anything for you.

Again, a PARENTAL ADVISORY. Old Gregg could be considered a hermaphrodite. He discusses it rather bluntly. Old Gregg has The Funk and offers to make Howard Moon a Funk Shake, but much like a cow, you have to milk The Funk, and that involves the same parts as milking a cow. This is also discussed rather bluntly. Oh, and this is a very, very weird show. Viewers beware.

It'll Be A Long Bike Ride To Oregon...

By thePatrick

Those more astute readers will recall my post last week about me hitting a werewolf with our car. Time for a happy little update.

We hit said werewolf on Sunday, July 5. We called in to our insurance and multiple repair shops here in Logan on the 6th. Our insurance told us that we needed to wait for a claims adjuster before we took it in anywhere, and that he would be here by the 9th.

So, when we still hadn't heard anything on the 9th, I called our insurance back. Guess what? Because we live "so far away from civilization" we could just pick a shop, have them write an estimate, and in about 24 hours, the work could be started.

So, on the 9th, we picked our shop. Took the car up to Preston and dropped it off. Gave the shop all the insurance information, told them to fax in an estimate, and spent the rest of the weekend riding around on our bikes.

Good thing we have a trailer for T.

Yesterday, I realized that I didn't have an estimate from the shop for how long the repairs would take. This poses a problem because we have plans to go to Spokane for C.'s grandparent's 50th anniversary, and then on to the Oregon coast to spend a few days with family there.

So, I called up the shop. Yesterday. July 14th. Five days after bringing the car in. Nine days after killing a werewolf. And guess what? No repairs had started because they hadn't gotten the authorization from the insurance people. No authorization was given because they hadn't faxed in an estimate. I love people.

So yesterday, at 12:05 pm the fax showed up at the insurance guys office. Now, we have to wait another 24 hours before he can pass that on to some other guy, who will actually approve the charges.

Still no car repairs started. And we are supposed to leave for Oregon on the 26th. So, aside from choking out an insurance agent and a repair shop owner, what am I to do, other than continue to pedal my little heart our around the city of Logan? Here's hoping for the quickest repairs ever.

Fw: Fw: Fw: Use Your Brain...

By thePatrick

Ah, the Email Forward. Is there anything funnier? More hilarious? Well, yes. There's the people who send them. And I'm not talking about people who send one every once in a while. I'm talking about the people who send them religiously.

If you like I'm talking about you, I probably am.

Now, I enjoy fifty different pictures of cats wearing clothing every much the same as the next guy. I'm not even saying that people who forward stuff to me should stop completely. What I am saying it to take notice of what you send.

Use your brain.

For example. Hotmail, Yahoo, MSN, Friendster, AOL, Facebook, Tagged, and YouTube are not going to magically change their user agreement that you signed to shut down your account if you don't forward an email to 15/20/50 people. They won't do it. I promise.

Next point. As you may or may not know, I'm a veteren. Yes, that's what makes me a little off at times. So I'm all about you sending me some patriotic emails when you come across them. However, you shouldn't send me the same one over and over and over. Keep track of the emails of Real American Heros that you send. If you email me about the death of a Vietnam veteren who dies the same time as a Senator from Wyoming, you shouldn't email me a year later and tell me that he died again on the same day as Michael Jackson.

Might I make a quick suggestion.

Snopes.com. It's amazing. Don't send on garbage. However, maybe it's just that I'm so sceptical by nature. Maybe it's all the philosophy classes that I've taken, or the fact that I like the kind of people that rethink history and are hesitant to believe everything they're told. Maybe I just care about things that don't matter. Either way, you should look up what you are sending so that you don't send out a bunch of crap.

There. That's enough of a soap box for today. Now go back and watch all 40 of those Real Men of Genius commercials. It's worth it.

Taking Chance Will Test If You Have A Soul...

By thePatrick

Over the weekend, I got to work a grave shift Normally, not one of my favorite things to do. It throws off my sleep schedule, and turns me into a zombie for the entire next day.

Well, this one did that, too, who am I kidding. But there was a silver lining.

I had heard about the film Taking Chance from a few different sources on the interwebs. When I had gone to the redbox earlier in the day, and it had been there, I decided to rent it. After all, I had to stay awake during the night, so I might as well watch a movie to take a break from pretending to study for the GRE.

This movie was awesome. So awesome that I had to tell everyone at work about it. So awesome that I didn't return it and made C. watch it with me Saturday night. So awesome that I was fighting back tears. Twice. And I'm an emotionless machine.

Quick Film Summary: Chance Phelps was a Marine Corporal who died in Iraq. Whenever someone dies in Iraq, they ship their remains back home, and once they reach the states, they are escorted by another member of the armed forces. Lieutenant Colonial Michael Strobl was his escort, and he wrote about his experiences transporting Chance. It isn't pro war. It isn't anti war. But it shows the support our troops get when they cross the country.

Watch it. Spread the word. Don't be an emotionless robot.

Word of caution for younger readers/parents: This movie isn't rated. It wouldn't be rated G. However, I don't think it would be anything more that PG-13 for some language that is used when one of the Sergents who was there when Phelps dies is retelling the story. Isolated incidents. And there is nothing gruesome about the film. It is very tastefully done.

Music Video Friday...

By thePatrick

No, I had never heard of the band or the song before I stumbled upon this music video. No, I can't understand any of the lyrics. What I do understand, however, is the amount of work and planning that must have gone into planning and execution of this music video. It is amazing. You might have to watch it a couple of times to catch everything, I know I did. So, I present to you 'Hibi no Neiro (Tone of Everyday) by Sour. Happy Weekend!

The Apathetic Blogger...

By thePatrick

Today, for whatever reason, I don't really want to post anything. So, rather than write and ramble until something comes, I'll just leave you with this and call it good.

Short and sweet, just like a brownie sundae. You're welcome.

It's Confession Time...

By thePatrick

I know that this isn't really the forum where I should be confessing my shortcomings, but then again, sometimes when you just need to get things off of your chest, there is no better location than the interwebs.

Even if all five people who read this blog know who I am.

This is really hard for me to come out and just say, so maybe I will explain the circumstances behind it. Maybe then it will be easier.

Yesterday, C. was at work and I was enjoying my time home watching T. We had been playing catch with her Princess Ball (don't judge me) and it was time for us to do the dishes.

You know, to make the house look nice since my wife was slaving away earning money to repair our werewolf damaged car.

I had my computer on, and I could tell that T. wanted to listen to some music. So we went to Pandora, which for those of you who don't know, is one of the coolest sites on the inter-webs. Then it happened. Rather than listening to one of my channels that I'd already created, baby and I decided that we should create a new one.

Enough. I'll just come out and say it.

T. and I listened to Jay-Z Radio while we were cleaning up the kitchen. And I enjoyed it, too.

Maybe it's because I live such a hardcore thug life. Maybe it's because I know what he means when he samples the children of Annie singing about it being a 'hard knock life.' Maybe it's because it makes me laugh to think that 2Pac and Notorious B.I.G. would be placed together on the same channel when they hated each other more than anything while they were alive. Whatever the reason, I like Jay-Z.

There, I said it. Now can we at least still be friends?

This Post Is For You, Co-G...

By thePatrick

Yesterday I posted about this past weekend. I did that because this is a blog, and everyone always wants to know what is going on in my life at any moment.

I'm important like that.

While I was at the in-laws on Sunday, we talked about what we always talk about: politics. It always starts when I talk with my sister-out-law. Then, everyone comes down and wants to participate.

I'm a trendsetter.

One of the reasons that we always talk about this, at least in my opinion, is because I married into a smart family. Like many people, they think that the two party political system is broken, but they actually want to do something about it. Another thing that my sister-out-law and I think is important is to be able to see all sides of an issue. I think it's important to know what you believe and why you believe it.

Which brings me to Co-G.

For those of you who don't know, Co-G is one of the smartest people that I know. Whenever he posts his blogs, I have to focus because it's not just brain fluff like I post here.

Dude's a genius.

Anyway, yesterday he asked me what exactly I was, politically. Am I Democrat/Republican/Libertarian/Green/Communist? My first response, at least in my mind, was that I didn't have to tell anyone. That's what great about being American. But then again, I don't mind telling people what I believe. Like the other billions of people on the interwebs, my opinions matter. So, brace yourself.

When I consider what I am politically, I like to pride myself on no being affiliated one way or the other. I like to believe that I'm what one could call an informed voter. Being able to see all sides of an issue help me to focus on the issues that matter most. Iraq, abortion, taxes, green energy, gay marriage. All of it doesn't matter.

Here's why it doesn't matter.

If you believe one way or another, and are capable of carrying on an intelligent conversation, then even if you believe differently than someone else, you can make a coherent argument. However, if you only believe one way because 'my parents both feel that way' then you deserve to be punched in the back of your narrow minded brain.

What am I? I'm informed. In the last election, I voted for two democrats, about four republicans, one member of the constitution party, and one libertarian. But it wasn't because they had the coolest name. It was because I looked into the candidates and what they believed, and voted for them. If I agreed with the platform of a communist candidate, I would vote for them, too.

Be informed. Do it. It will either help you care more about politics or hate they system entirely and make you completely apathetic towards politics.

Weekend of the 4th Recap...

By thePatrick

How was your 4th? Good I hope. Well, because adventure is everything, allow me to recap mine.

8:00-Got to work. After working a 12 hour shift the day before. The day actually started off swell. The kids decided on their own to work on treatment while breakfast was being prepared.
9:15-Eating a hearty breakfast of fried eggs and an English Muffin. The kids are talking about who is going to clean what in the facility. This looks good.
9:50-Apparently it takes five kids to clean one room. Well, it takes one kid to vacuum, one to wash the walls, one to run around, one to crawl on the floor and point out the spots that were missed with the vacuum, and one to stand there holding a roll of paper towels.
10:30-Still working on that room.
11:45-That room is finally finished. So is every other chore. Oh well. I go off to prepare an awesome lunch of roast beef hoagies.
11:50-A 17 year old just pooped his pants in front of me. In other news, Patrick decides at this point that it wouldn't hurt to look more actively for a new job.
2:00ish-We watch an episode of Planet Earth. Stupid Walri (Walri must be plural for walrus. I like it more than 'walruses').
4:00-Time to go home. I've only worked 21 of the last 28 hours.
4:45-Head up to Idaho Falls for the fireworks.
9:00ish-see my favorite blog stalker (blalker?) in the 5 mile long line for the port-a-potties. She is obviously too overcome with excitement to approach me, but she does talk with C. for a bit.
Sunday, 4:00-Have a long conversation with my in-laws and out-laws about how I may or may not be a socialist/fascist/anarchist/communist.
6:00-My sister-in-law reassures my father in law that I am not, in fact, a communist.
Fast forward to about 10:30 last night, when we hit what must be a werewolf on the highway while driving home. We stop, and there is oil leaking like crazy. We stop again, and there is still oil leaking. We get home safely, park the car, go out again this morning, and the oil is still leaking. Needless to say, I'm off to see how much that stupid werewolf is going to cost me to repair my car.

In summation-clean, poop, drive, boom, sleep, communism, drive, werewolf. Beat that!

Music Video Friday...

By thePatrick

As promised, I present to you part three of our saga. The Mars Volta was the more afro'd part of At The Drive-In. Some would call their music crazy weird. I would agree. But that doesn't make them not able to rock out crazy hard. Now, as a warning, they are the type of band that you either love or hate. But, if you hate them, they you need to listen to them more. I can sit down and listen to the seamless flowing from track to track. Their music is busy, and you have to pay attention to everything that is going on. That having been said, I present to you Inertiatic Esp by The Mars Volta. Enjoy, and Happy 4th of July Weekend!

A Vague and Incoherent Rant...

By thePatrick

Today's post is going to be a venting post. But, to protect feelings of inadequacy in those who I may or may not be ranting about, I'm going to keep it pretty vague.

Now, I'm the type of person who likes to plan things out. I don't know why, but I like to know what is coming next. Remember, I don't graduate until December, but I've been looking into graduate schools for over a year. I've even been looking at what jobs are out there for after I finish my three year graduate program. I just like to know what's next.

So, obviously, one of the things that causes me little fits is when I think I know what is going to happen next and those plans get changed. Now my organized little brain is scrambling around trying to figure out what it can do to gain at least a little bit of control over a situation that in all actuality, it has absolutely none over.

My wife, and possibly others out there, think that I can just roll with the punches. And while it looks like I can, trust me, on the inside I'm freaking out.

One more thing. People need to take more responsibility for their own lives. This one, I guess, can be less vague. At work, I am in charge of the scheduling for the next week. It is not my job to find someone to work for people if they have requested time off. It is their responsibility to do that. However, just about every week, it seems like there is some time off requested and nobody to cover it, and I end up being the one to call around and get their shift filled.

Maybe I'm just fed up with it. Maybe I will not get it covered for them in the future and they can get written up for abandonment.

But more likely, I'll continue to be the nice guy and get their shifts covered.

Maybe I'm just a sucker like that...

Just When You Thought America Couldn't Get Better...

By thePatrick

Every now and then, something happens in this country that brings people together in ways that were never thought possible. The bombing of Pearl Harbor, the assassination of JFK, 9-11. And now, thanks to ABC, there is one more thing to bring us closer as a nation.

I'm talking about Wipeout.

For those of you who have been living under a rock the past two summers, allow me to explain. 24 people start out by trying to run as fast as they can through an obstacle course. The course may or may not involve mud, a wall that punches people, zip lines, or rotating platforms. It always involves giant red balls that people have to walk across.

That rarely ends up good, unless you're the television audience.

Call it what you will. Schadenfreude sounds good to me. Either way, not only does ABC broadcast this show weekly during the summer, they also post it up on their full episode player on their website. So, if you're like me and don't have television, you can still participate in this national treasure.

And really, you should.

And as an end to this post, I'd just like to give a Happy Canada Day shout out to all my Canadian homies! Rock it!