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Just When You Thought America Couldn't Get Better...

By thePatrick

Every now and then, something happens in this country that brings people together in ways that were never thought possible. The bombing of Pearl Harbor, the assassination of JFK, 9-11. And now, thanks to ABC, there is one more thing to bring us closer as a nation.

I'm talking about Wipeout.

For those of you who have been living under a rock the past two summers, allow me to explain. 24 people start out by trying to run as fast as they can through an obstacle course. The course may or may not involve mud, a wall that punches people, zip lines, or rotating platforms. It always involves giant red balls that people have to walk across.

That rarely ends up good, unless you're the television audience.

Call it what you will. Schadenfreude sounds good to me. Either way, not only does ABC broadcast this show weekly during the summer, they also post it up on their full episode player on their website. So, if you're like me and don't have television, you can still participate in this national treasure.

And really, you should.

And as an end to this post, I'd just like to give a Happy Canada Day shout out to all my Canadian homies! Rock it!


Oh, we love Wipeout. That big ol' black lady's face when the "motivator" hit her from behind was hysterical. I think her boobs flew from her eyebrows to her knees! We don't normally like shows like this but the commentary on it is part of the hilarity.

Not only that, but even after she was eliminated, they kept showing the replay in super slow motion. Best part of the night.

Oh I know it. I was thinking to myself "Wow, what kind of waiver did those people sign before they play this game!" If I were her, I would have been seriously mortified by watching that clip through the whole show. My favorite line though was the announcers saying "That's never gonna get old." And it never did. I laughed and laughed every time they played it! Too good. That episode was the first one we watched. We were just flipping through channels and came to it. Now we're hooked. All thanks the lady with the big boobs. :)

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