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By thePatrick

Yesterday I posted about this past weekend. I did that because this is a blog, and everyone always wants to know what is going on in my life at any moment.

I'm important like that.

While I was at the in-laws on Sunday, we talked about what we always talk about: politics. It always starts when I talk with my sister-out-law. Then, everyone comes down and wants to participate.

I'm a trendsetter.

One of the reasons that we always talk about this, at least in my opinion, is because I married into a smart family. Like many people, they think that the two party political system is broken, but they actually want to do something about it. Another thing that my sister-out-law and I think is important is to be able to see all sides of an issue. I think it's important to know what you believe and why you believe it.

Which brings me to Co-G.

For those of you who don't know, Co-G is one of the smartest people that I know. Whenever he posts his blogs, I have to focus because it's not just brain fluff like I post here.

Dude's a genius.

Anyway, yesterday he asked me what exactly I was, politically. Am I Democrat/Republican/Libertarian/Green/Communist? My first response, at least in my mind, was that I didn't have to tell anyone. That's what great about being American. But then again, I don't mind telling people what I believe. Like the other billions of people on the interwebs, my opinions matter. So, brace yourself.

When I consider what I am politically, I like to pride myself on no being affiliated one way or the other. I like to believe that I'm what one could call an informed voter. Being able to see all sides of an issue help me to focus on the issues that matter most. Iraq, abortion, taxes, green energy, gay marriage. All of it doesn't matter.

Here's why it doesn't matter.

If you believe one way or another, and are capable of carrying on an intelligent conversation, then even if you believe differently than someone else, you can make a coherent argument. However, if you only believe one way because 'my parents both feel that way' then you deserve to be punched in the back of your narrow minded brain.

What am I? I'm informed. In the last election, I voted for two democrats, about four republicans, one member of the constitution party, and one libertarian. But it wasn't because they had the coolest name. It was because I looked into the candidates and what they believed, and voted for them. If I agreed with the platform of a communist candidate, I would vote for them, too.

Be informed. Do it. It will either help you care more about politics or hate they system entirely and make you completely apathetic towards politics.


First off, yes you did marry into a smart family. The Klinglers are a great family.

My husband completely agrees with you. As do I. I don't think people should be allowed to vote at all if they haven't fully educated themselves on the candidates and issues. My husband and I have on many occasions wondered what label to give ourselves politically. We voted for Obama this last election. I thought my mother was going to crap a brick. As did my husband's mother. Both of our parents are staunch Republican no matter what. Its obnoxious. And really, in Idaho, if there is an (R) next the candidate's name, people just check the box without hesitation. It's just wrong. Thankfully there are just enough of us out there that try to be educated and make a difference in this crazy political world.

Sorry for the long comment.

You should write political blogs more often. So what I glean from your blog is that you are an informed and proudly independent voter. Good for you!

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