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By thePatrick

Those more astute readers will recall my post last week about me hitting a werewolf with our car. Time for a happy little update.

We hit said werewolf on Sunday, July 5. We called in to our insurance and multiple repair shops here in Logan on the 6th. Our insurance told us that we needed to wait for a claims adjuster before we took it in anywhere, and that he would be here by the 9th.

So, when we still hadn't heard anything on the 9th, I called our insurance back. Guess what? Because we live "so far away from civilization" we could just pick a shop, have them write an estimate, and in about 24 hours, the work could be started.

So, on the 9th, we picked our shop. Took the car up to Preston and dropped it off. Gave the shop all the insurance information, told them to fax in an estimate, and spent the rest of the weekend riding around on our bikes.

Good thing we have a trailer for T.

Yesterday, I realized that I didn't have an estimate from the shop for how long the repairs would take. This poses a problem because we have plans to go to Spokane for C.'s grandparent's 50th anniversary, and then on to the Oregon coast to spend a few days with family there.

So, I called up the shop. Yesterday. July 14th. Five days after bringing the car in. Nine days after killing a werewolf. And guess what? No repairs had started because they hadn't gotten the authorization from the insurance people. No authorization was given because they hadn't faxed in an estimate. I love people.

So yesterday, at 12:05 pm the fax showed up at the insurance guys office. Now, we have to wait another 24 hours before he can pass that on to some other guy, who will actually approve the charges.

Still no car repairs started. And we are supposed to leave for Oregon on the 26th. So, aside from choking out an insurance agent and a repair shop owner, what am I to do, other than continue to pedal my little heart our around the city of Logan? Here's hoping for the quickest repairs ever.


Your insurance company won't spring for a rental car?! Why am I not surprised... Sorry. :(

I want to know who your insurance company is.

No rental car because it wasn't part of the policy we chose. They said that Enterprise would give us a discount but it would still all be out of pocket. Hooray for Allstate!

I KNEW IT! I'm sorry, but I HATE Allstate. I've had numerous run-ins with them and not one of them had good results. In fact I had them call last week to ask if they could give me a free quote. I said sure. They couldn't give me a better deal than what I have. However, I did give the guy an earful (in a nice way) about why I would NEVER EVER get insurance through them.

I do apologize for being on my soapbox because this is your insurance. But I've had too many negative interactions with them to recommend them to anyone. I realize not all of this is their fault. The garage should have sent in the fax. However, it might be time to rethink your insurance agency. Just a thought. :)

I wish you much luck. And once again apologize for my long comment and soapbox. This is one that I have a big opinion about. One of too many. ;)

But I really do hope that you get to go to the Oregon Coast. That is one of my very favorite places. Very favorite. C., I'm sure you'll get some amazing photography out of it!

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