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By thePatrick

Ah, the Email Forward. Is there anything funnier? More hilarious? Well, yes. There's the people who send them. And I'm not talking about people who send one every once in a while. I'm talking about the people who send them religiously.

If you like I'm talking about you, I probably am.

Now, I enjoy fifty different pictures of cats wearing clothing every much the same as the next guy. I'm not even saying that people who forward stuff to me should stop completely. What I am saying it to take notice of what you send.

Use your brain.

For example. Hotmail, Yahoo, MSN, Friendster, AOL, Facebook, Tagged, and YouTube are not going to magically change their user agreement that you signed to shut down your account if you don't forward an email to 15/20/50 people. They won't do it. I promise.

Next point. As you may or may not know, I'm a veteren. Yes, that's what makes me a little off at times. So I'm all about you sending me some patriotic emails when you come across them. However, you shouldn't send me the same one over and over and over. Keep track of the emails of Real American Heros that you send. If you email me about the death of a Vietnam veteren who dies the same time as a Senator from Wyoming, you shouldn't email me a year later and tell me that he died again on the same day as Michael Jackson.

Might I make a quick suggestion.

Snopes.com. It's amazing. Don't send on garbage. However, maybe it's just that I'm so sceptical by nature. Maybe it's all the philosophy classes that I've taken, or the fact that I like the kind of people that rethink history and are hesitant to believe everything they're told. Maybe I just care about things that don't matter. Either way, you should look up what you are sending so that you don't send out a bunch of crap.

There. That's enough of a soap box for today. Now go back and watch all 40 of those Real Men of Genius commercials. It's worth it.

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Ugh... the e-mail forward. My aunt sends so many of them that I've come so close to please asking her to never e-mailing me again. But alas that would be rude and she gets offended so easily as it is. Honestly, how many times can you get the same stupid Fw: e-mail!!!!? It's super obnoxious. About as obnoxious as a blalker! :) Well, hopefully I'm not that obnoxious.

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