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By thePatrick

A word of warning: this post is all about the genius of my little girl. So, if you don't want to read about the life of a one year old, i.e. you have no heart and would kill a unicorn if given the opportunity, then this post is not for you.

Also, you'd be a communist.

For T.'s birthday, her awesome dad got her a Little People farm set. Complete with farmer, pig, horse, cow, sheep, and chicken. Her aunt also got her a little people set that had a panda, a giraffe, and a llama.

How sweet is a Fisher Price llama?

Anyway, we play with that farm a lot. If you open the doors, then it makes different sounds. And it has been a good way for T. to learn how to make animal sounds. So when you ask her what an animal says, this is her reply:

Sheep - 'Baa'
Horse - 'Baaaa'
Cow - 'Baa?'
Pig - 'Baa baa'
Chicken - 'Ba Ba Ba'
Panda - 'BAAAA' (very loud)
Giraffe - *Dumbfounded look
But my personal favorite is that C. taught her what a llama says. Whenever you ask her, the llama sticks out her tongue over and over. Funniest thing you'll see this month, I promise. Also, cool, a fish opens and closes her mouth over and over without making any noise.

You have to see it.

So, I'm willing to take this traveling show on the road. You pay for airfare and booking fees, and we'll be in a town near you. Who wouldn't want to see the cuteness of my little girl?


I'll take the bait. Come visit us. We're only 45 minutes. You pay the gas and I'll make you dinner. Fair?

And we're only 5 minutes away so we'll make ya dessert. PLUS... we'll teach her what a squirrel says. Also cute!

next time you come I think I will teach her what a monkey says--complete with arm movements and jumping around--I figure it's part of my grandmotherly duty1 So when are you coming? Plus, arent' we supposed to use and share our talents? I also do a pretty mean chicken :)

p.s. I do know the right way to spell aren't--but I guess that's what happens when I stalk blogs at 1:30 in the morning.

stinking baby. c came into work today and brought your little munchkin and she wouldn't make any noises. she wouldn't even say baaallooon. bah!

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