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By thePatrick

So, we're still at my parents' house this morning. These past few days have been good. I have been able to catch up with my grandpa, aunt and uncle from Arizona. Last night was the Birth-iversary party. Was it good? Well, there was food. So, that's always a plus. I'm sure that C. will be posting some cupcake pictures soon. But being 'home again' has given me time to think.

I was an awesome kid.

One of the reasons that I was awesome was because I was able to convince my parents to get a non-mammal pet. That's right, I had a turtle. But here's the deal. While it was only a little box turtle and it didn't make much of a mess, one of the things that I remember most was that for whatever reason, when we lived in 'The Big Red House,' that turtle held a prominant spot in the house.

We kept it in the living room.

No joke. Once we moved to Idaho, my parents had me keep it in my room, but until then, it sat just past the lamp in the tank above the little bookshelf. One of the reasons that I remember this is because one day, I had a friend over. This friend was holding my turtle. For whatever reason, they lifted my turtle over their head. Tim peed on them for a good solid 5 seconds before they made any move.

This turtle had attitude.

Once we moved, Tim kind of took a back seat in our house. He was moved to my room. Again, he sat on a bookshelf. This time, he was right by a window. And there, he lived out the rest of his little turtle days.

So long Tim, we hardly knew ya...

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