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By thePatrick

There are some times when you are driving that you can't make up for your own stupidity. Take for example that time that you were driving down the road and came to a car going the other direction. Then, they flashed their brights at you and you realized that you never dimmed your headlights.

It's not like you can chase them down to admit your own foolishness. That would just make you come across as crazy.

So, we admit our own faults and learn to deal with them. There is no way to apologize for most of our driving ignorance. Unless you have a blog. Then you can post it and hope upon hope that one day the person you slighted comes across it. This is one of those cases, however, like most things, it's not all my fault.

Dear person who I followed from halfway through Sardine Canyon to Logan,
I'm sorry that we were following so closely. And, when it looked like we were going to pass you but didn't, there really was a good reason for that. No, I wasn't trying to have a race with your minivan at 15 mph over the posted speed limit. No, my baby wasn't vomiting up green chunks or rotating her head 360 degrees. No, we didn't really need to use the facilities and have a fear of pooping in public places ('triple p' for future reference)

We just wanted to see what movie your kids were watching in the back on your flip down DVD player.

This was important. I can't tell you why, but both my wife and I had an overwhelming urge to find out what was on. I promise we weren't stalking your family. Please forgive my insolence. Or, buy a bigger screen. Then it won't take as long to figure out.


I did this last night!!! On the way from Pig's place to Catherine's parents'. I'm pretty sure it was Bedknobs and Broomsticks...


So what movie was it? Was it worth it?

Dear Chris,
One of the Blog tags lets you know what movie it was.

Great post. I had myself a good laugh and the triple p is too good.

Cheryl and I tried to do the SAME thing Saturday night on the way home from Dad's. Sadly we couldn't figure it out. We came to the conclusion it was not a cartoon, so we probably wouldn't have known it anyway....AND THE SCREEN WAS HUGE!!!!

I did it again last night on the way home...It was one of the Harry Potters


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