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What better way to recount yesterday's two main adventures than by sharing with you the cold hard facts.

Adventure One:
5 - The number of passengers in my car when we decided to go get ice cream.
3:2 - The ratio of regular cones to kiddie cones that we ordered from the drive-thru.
4 - The number of times that I heard the grumbly voice on the other fumble as he repeated back my order.
2, 16 - The numbers in dollars and cents that my order came to.
1 - The number of the window where the grumbly voice told me to pull forward to so that I could pay.
1- The actual number of windows at the restaurant.
8 - Time, in minutes, that we waited until anyone came to the window.
6 - Cars waiting behind us while we waited for someone to bring us our ice cream.
11 - Total number of ice cream cones that I saw people make through the window that were not brought to us.
2 - Number of cones that were brought to us after our initial eight minute wait.
3 - Minutes we waited until the rest of our order (i.e. three more cones) came to the window.
0 - Words spoken to us by anyone who came to the window.
0.000245 - Time, in seconds, that it took the girl to slam the window on us, take her copy of the order receipt and throw it away.
0 - Amount, in dollars and cents that anyone asked us to pay for our ice cream.
7 - Times that my wife and I exchanged befuddled looks with each other.
30 - Time, in seconds, that we waited at the window, with nobody coming, until we decided that it must be free ice cream day.
47 - Times that my 12 year old sister-in-law repeated something about it must having been free ice cream day during our 5 minute drive home.

Adventure Two:
16.9 - Distance in miles from the South Blackfoot, Idaho exit on I-15 until the I-86 Westbound exit.
2 - Number of lanes traveling Southbound on that stretch of highway.
2 - Number of Semi-trucks that it takes to clog that stretch of highway.
75 - Posted speed limit on I-15.
60 - Average speed of the two semis that were blocking the reset of traffic.
46,239 - Exact number of times that you can mumble curse words under your breath so that your wife doesn't hear you.
6 - Times that it seriously looked like one of the trucks was going to pass the other.
457 - Ways that I envisioned a horrible car accident involving both drivers.
1 - Cars that caught up to us and had to endure the same torture of us.
329 - Times that I wished I was back in a certain Middle Eastern Country so that I could have a machine gun mounted to the top of my vehicle.
50 - Caliber of weapon that I wished it was.
16 - Miles that the trucks traveled until one of them passed the other.
15 - Time in seconds that it took me to pass the trucks when they finally made it possible.
1 each - Number of fingers that I extended out of our sunroof and directed towards the trucks.

Aren't adventures fun?


93-Number of posts that have made me ROFL!!!!!

Too funny. I hate those moments when cars/trucks won't pass each other. I'm sure they were doing it to torture you. They do that. Thanks for the laugh.

That's awesome, sir.


7-number of people at our house that wish free ice cream day was everyday!

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