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Are You Ready For A Hank Williams Jr. Song???

By thePatrick

I work at a very emotionally intense place. For those of you who don't know what I'm talking about, check out our ever so professionally done website here. Most of the people I work with are heavily invested in their jobs. Therapists, Clinical Directors, Program Directors, Supervisors and "Line Staff" all spend their days hoping for some sign of change brought about in the lives of the youth we serve. It can be hard work, so every time we get an escape, we take it. Generally, that escape comes in the same form.

Fantasy Sports.

Every year that I have worked there, the Clinical Director has set up a Fantasy Football (read: Basketball, Baseball) league and invited people to play. Again, that email invitation has come. Again, I have accepted it.

But it's important to remember where we work.

Because of the population of the individuals with whom we associate, we find ourselves looking for the dirtiest clean names that you can find. And part of the fun is finding a picture for your team logo. And this year, I found the perfect mascot.

Hence the Grandpa Huxtable looking character at the top of this post with the three dachshunds hanging out of the neck of his clothing. I'll give you a moment. It really shouldn't take long.

That's right: Sweater Puppies.

So, this year, you are looking at the proud owner of the South Virginia Sweater Puppies. How big a deal is this? Well, our draft isn't scheduled until August 14. I guess this is just our way to prepare for the long escape.


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South Virginia Sweater Puppies!?! I am giving you a standing ovation for the clever name and associated picture!

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