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This blog will serve dual purposes. First, to let you know how awesome I am and what I did over the weekend. Second, it will serve as a way to give a third consecutive blog shout out to Norte.

Hooray Norte!

Anyway, this Saturday we all met at Norte's place for some Burgers, Victor Borge, and Valkyrie (B. V.B. & V.). The burgers were delicious. Norte has this sauce that, for lack of a better title, I will just call the sauce. It was amazing. It was sweet, yet had a little bit of kick.

The Sauce will rock your world.

Next, we watched a PBS special on Victor Borge. If you don't know who that is, then youtube that ness. Seriously. Here. I can wait. I recommend the Page Turner as well as Phonetic Punctuation. When I was growing up, my parents had a couple Victor Borge performances recorded off of PBS, so it was good to reminice about the happy times.

Yes, my childhood had happy times.

Finally, after a quick jaunt for some ice cream at Charlie's, we made it back to our place to watch Valkyrie. Remember, I am a student, husband, and parent. On top of that, I work full time. So, I know that this movie was released around Christmas, but now that it's on DVD, we could finally rent it and see it. The history nerd in me liked the movie. But, it had Tom Cruise, and he is what I like to call SuperCrazyOverTheTopPsychoNutsBatFlappingInsane. Overall, the movie was good. Not to give it away to anyone who hasn't seen it but is going to, but (SPOILER ALERT) Hitler survives their asassination attempt. However, one thing that bugged me was their accents.

They Weren't German.

You see, I took a few years of German in High School. I went there for a bit on a Student Exchange. I just finished my second year of German in college. If there's one thing I know, it's english spoken with a German accent. So, to get by without using crappy accents, they just didn't try. Tom Cruise spoke regularly. Most of the other Nazis spoke with a British accent. The only one that they tried to portray with a German accent was Hitler.

I guess they didn't want him to be anything but German.

As a side note, later on today, C., T. and I are headed south to my parents place for "180 Reasons to Celebrate." Tuesday will be T.'s first birthday. C. and I will have been married for 3 years. My aunt will be turning 30. My uncle, 47. And if my great-grandma were still alive, she would be turning 99. All on June 2. So, there may be a blog tomorrow, they may not. All I know is that I feel old.


give T happy birthday kisses from the family she has never seen in Montana. What you give to C is between the 2 of you. ;)

Valkyrie was okay. But I didn't particularly care for it for the same reasons you listed. A woman from Germany used to be one of our family friends (until she passed on) and those people definitely didn't even try on the accent in that movie. However it did make me happy that not everyone in that country thought Hitler was great.

By the way, how do I get my hands on some of that sauce? Is it homemade or can you buy it?!

Enjoy your 180 reasons to celebrate! That "T" is too cute. Squish her cheeks for me. :)

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