Random Ramblings

Procrastinating the Inevitable...


By thePatrick

I literally have nothing to post about. My self imposed 10:00 posting time is looming ever closer, yet all I have are bits and pieces or randomness, none of which would constitute a full post. For example:

My friend Co-G posted about debt slavery. I like slavery (the topic, not the practice) but I don't want to bore people.

The Magic beat the Lakers last night. Set the record for field goal percentage in the finals, yet barely hung on to win. Also, the Penguins won last night forcing a game seven back in Detroit.

T. woke up around 4 this morning and I held her in the chair in her room until about 4:45. Normally, I would be pissed if someone woke me up that early, but I kind of just deal with it when it's her.

I have been reading a lot of webcomics lately. I don't know why, but I feel like I'm more individual if I do. None of that Garfield or Peanuts. It's like it something that's just for me even though I know it's not.

Why is it that some of the people who are on Facebook don't realize that when they take a quiz or something, they can just skip to their results. They don't really have to request that 5 of their friends take the same stupid quiz. And I really don't have to be one of those friends.

Pandora Music rules.

I like to eat leftover pizza for breakfast. But I don't like to warm up leftover pizza. It has to be cold. Am I the only one?

See, no coherent blog post in there. Just a bunch of random, empty brained fluff. And now, it's all yours! You are welcome. And sorry this post just didn't have any zing. Tomorrow, I vow to do better.


I also enjoy the cold Pizza in the mornings. Just FYI

I have to concur with the quizzes on facebook. I've taken a couple. But I certainly don't post all the results. I kind of liked your brain droppings post. Isn't your blog called "Random Ramblings"? Definitely appropriately titled after today. :)

I like it. Shoot, I post this sort of mumbo jumbo all the time!


I like it too! I feel like I should have been folding my arms, bowing my head and such. I agree with all you said, so do I say Amen or just leave it at that?

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