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By thePatrick

Alright, admittedly I am more liberal than a vast majority of my family. I voted in the Democratic Primary, I don't think that Clinton was necessarily a bad president just because he and I had opposing morals, and I am all about pulling the troops out of Iraq. However, even some of you more conservative types (yes, Chris: King of the Gingers, I'm talking to you) should be able to see my point of view on this issue.

Dunkin' Donuts has pulled this add featuring Rachael Ray because she was wearing a scarf that looked like a kaffiyeh, the traditional Arab headdress. Tied around her neck. That's right. She wasn't wearing a kaffiyeh. She was wearing a scarf. And in the ads, it looked like a traditional headdress worn by Arab men. Men. Don't get me wrong, pulling anything with Rachael Ray is not a bad thing. But for those reasons? Rachael Ray may be the embodiment of all that is evil, but she is not a man. And she is not Arabic. And even if she is in support of, oh, I don't know, the world's largest religion, Islam, is that a reason to pull an ad about Iced Coffee?

One of the biggest supporters of the pull was conservative commentator Michelle Malkin. I'm not against people speaking their minds, I mean, I'm posting this on a blog, for crying out loud. But shouldn't you think about what you are going to write, especially if what you write is going to be nationally syndicated? Malkin says:
The kaffiyeh has come to symbolize murderous Palestinian jihad. Popularized by Yasser Arafat and a regular adornment of Muslim terrorists appearing in beheading and hostage-taking videos, the apparel has been mainstreamed by both ignorant (and not-so-ignorant) fashion designers, celebrities, and left-wing icons."

I own a kaffiyeh. I also own a dishdasha, or "man-dress," but that doesn't make me a supporter of terrorism or Islamic extremism. I doesn't make me identify with Palestine. I am speculating here, but Yasser Arafat probably wore it because he was an Arabic male. From what I learned while I was in Iraq, there are three different versions. The black and white kaffiyeh is worn by single men. The red and white ones are worn by married men. And the pure white ones are worn by Islamic clerics.

Anyway, sorry I don't agree with pulling a donut ad over a scarf. By posting this, I invite everyone to come on over, try it on. I learned about 3 different ways to wear it. Try on the man-dress. We'll have a good time. Just don't bring any coffee, because by doing so, you single-handedly support all slavery used during the 1700s to produce coffee for the British and their colonies. And that's just wrong...


I feel honored to be mentioned in your blog, I think...But seriously I am with you. I am glad they pulled the add mostly because I am sure with Rachel Ray it was probably stupid! I usually like Malkin's opinions but it must have been a slow news day. Unless your walking around with a swastika, a bed sheet over your head, or a bomb strapped to your chest I don't reall care what you wear. Unless of course you're really fat and you wear tight and revealing clothes cause that just makes me want to puke! Now that's an add I can agree with pulling off the air; in fact banning it world wide would be great!

I thought black and white wasn't really her color anyway. Totally more an earthy tone gal. It was for the best :)

meka leka hi, meka hiney ho...

Ok... couple of questions for ya...1st: how am I supposed to know when you are talking about me when there's this other MALE "conservative Ginger" out there?
2nd: I will not now argue politics with you on-line, but I will tell you that the RR crap is just that--crap. Anyone who feels that an "accessory" signifies anything other than an ability to coordinate an outfit deserves the conclusions they jump to. 'nuff said.

Hey, I have one of those too. Fun.

I will continue to wear my Kaffiya (or however it is spelled) around my neck because I can. Do I support terrorism? No. Do I think that all muslims are terrorists? No. I wear mine because it's my way of stickin' it to the man. Suck it Dunkin Dougnuts AND US Government! ;)

yes, people are stupid, but so is obama hussein barack obama obama, the most liberalist person in congress, the next carter, etc. i am scared of him. i don't care what my favorite rockstars think.

sorry, i digress. i think it's stupid they pulled the ad.

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