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By thePatrick

So, I've been thinking. The government requires us get a license for almost everything. Driving, hunting, fishing, gun ownership, work permits, licenses to practice medicine and law. Music is licensed, video games are licensed, we even need tags and registration for dogs. Why doesn't the government take matters into their own hands, and truly try to help out the American population. We need to have a license to breed. Prospective partners should have to stand in a long line, worse than the D.M.V., because the weak ones will not even survive the lines. After filling out fifteen different government forms in triplicate, then they will have to undergo genetic testing, a rigorous physical exam, and most importantly, an IQ test. If you don't pass, tough luck. Your breeding rights are terminated. And should you break the law and breed anyway, I'm all for the death penalty. Not for you, but for your genetic mishap of an offspring. Maybe that will help cut down on all the stupidity that runs rampant through our neighborhoods. Maybe then, the dumb will go away. And, just maybe, it's been a long day at work surrounded by oxygen thieves and this is my way to vent.
p.s. I was tagged for a thingy by my sister Ginger. It's the post below this one. If you want to see a less cynical side of me, keep on scrolling.


Question: Are there dumb people in the celestial kingdom?


I've got people for spots 1 and 2 in the line.

Drivers Ed....check
Hunters Ed....check
Sex Ed.......wait a minute...sicko!!

Earl used to bring home little segments he'd get at work called the "Darwin Awards". These were the people who had done something so completely stupid that they had lost their life or their ability to contribute to population growth. (hence the "survival of the fittest--Darwin" tag.) I LOVED the guy in these "awards" that thought that using an unspent bullet in the fuse box was a good idea. Hot fuse box, hot bullet, not so hot spot to shoot yourself. (For those who need reference, go sit in your vehicle and find the fuse box...I think you will find it dangerously close to your crotch!)

Sound like clear brilliant thinking. I agree completely and to further simply control of the breeding process it should be standard procedure to steralize people at birth and have the process reversed once a license has obtained.

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