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One of the problems that I've noticed with living in Utah, is an immense lack of professional sporting teams. Sure, we have the Jazz, but what does that give us during the summer? Real Salt Lake? Meh... Anywho, I've decided that I want to be a baseball fan, and in being a baseball fan, I need a favorite team whose greatness I can argue about at the many baseball-themed outings that I frequently attend. So, I'm turning to you, my faithful readers (i.e., people who randomly stumble upon this blog). Who should that team be? I really only have two brushes with baseball. First, when I was around 8, I played little league. I was on the Royals, which is one connection I have. The second? I was given a baseball game for the Playstation on my birthday this year. I created a player, and am trying to make it to the Hall of Fame. He was signed by the Mets, so there's that.
Anyway, who should it be? You tell me...


Wahahahahaha. That is me, evil laughing. So, thanks for the icepack tip. Whoda thunk it? As for baseball, i can only think of one utah worth watching team, which is of course the Bee's, or the Buzz or whatever the (bleep) they are called now. UNLESS of course you are in the mood for laughing then i totally suggest Dixon's TOP SPORTS team. When else can you see someone hit their ball, field their ball, and tag themselves out. Priceless

My favorite Major League team is the twins. I sort of fall in line with your logic, and I picked the twins simply because, well....yeah. I don't know if I could actually tell you anyone the plays for the twins, but I know they ROCK....and I'm a "die-hard" twins fan.

Trevor said that if you want a team with class, you should like the Braves, but if you just want a team that is good, the Yankee's or Red Sox are good. I don't have a fav team, but I don't like to watch baseball either. I agree that it is fun to watch the Bee's though.

I can't think of a single baseball team that I would want to claim to be a fan of, sorry. However, if you want to have a discussion on the merits of Tony Stewart resigning with Joe Gibbs racing, well, then, I'm your gal. Have you considered switching sports?

maybe you should like the San Diego Padres because i gave you the game when we were in San Diego :)

You have something against Real Salt Lake?!! 4 days until American Gladiators! Just thought you might want to know. Are you and Christy going to watch it with me?

As long as you don't like the Yankees we can still be friends. I have liked the Atlanta Braves since I was a little kid but it is near impossible to argue "their greatness" since they are a .500 team now. If have faith that one day they'll return to greatness!

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