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By thePatrick

So, in my random internet surfings, I ran across this screen capture taken from cnn.com. I don't know where to begin. Obviously, there is something seriously wrong with this situation. By all means, let's not focus on the House approving $70 BILLION for wars, or the fact that we found a torture chamber and even more mass graves in Iraq (see circled part in the upper right). Naturally, the most newsworthy event of the day is helping parents find out what to tell their kids (and how to tell them) that Jamie Lynn Spears is pregnant. To quote Lewis Black, "there's a joke there, but I don't even know what it is."
The thing is, we can't blame the media. It's not the political left or the political right, or the middle of the road. It's our fault. CNN is worried about ratings and number of hits to their page daily, and we have let them know that this is the kind of garbage that we think is actually newsworthy. So, let's stop it. For real. Isn't there more important news that we should care about?
p.s. If we're going to talk about something that doesn't matter, at least as part of the global view, let's mention that the Jazz won the series last night, and the Hawks forced a game 7 with the Celtics. THAT'S newsworthy.


Today on the main page for MSN news they were speculating whether Jamie Lynn was having a boy or a girl...it made me laugh, cause I thought of your post. Ya, the news can be dumb!

ps I HEART you cause you came with me to Beauty and Beast tonight.

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