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Baby Girl is Here!!!

By thePatrick

Yes, creepy as it is, I'm now a daddy. Our baby girl was born this morning at 8:38. We had come in at 5:30 to see if they could turn her manually since she was a breech baby. They tried, and she even made them think that her head was turning, but from the time they stopped turning to the 15 seconds later when they checked her position on the ultrasound she was back up. So, we had a c-section done, and it ended up being a good thing, too. The cord was wrapped around her neck twice. I wouldn't want to turn head down, either. She was 7 lbs 10 oz, and was 19 inches long. We decided to name her Tegan Isabella, because those were the two names we liked the most, and we couldn't decide between them. And, like any proud dad, I totally had to post this and show off my little girl.


Cute, cute cute!!! We love her chubby little cheeks and we think that her "binky" looks almost bigger than her face. ;) You'll be a great daddy and Christy will be an awesome mommy! Love ya!

YEA!!! I am SO excited that the pregnancy is over and the baby is here!!! Now the fun begins! You will LOVE your baby girl so much! I can't wait to get to see her! Happy Anniversary too! I hope that you still can find a way to enjoy that soon... Tell Christy hi again for me... I just want to hop in the car and be there to see her! Good luck!

Patrick that is one cute BABY!!! You and Christy do good work together!

Thanks for letting me hold her! I am sorry I got teary but she is soooo beautiful!!! I think she likes me.
P.S. I forgot the sunglasses.

I promise we'll give the bouncer to you...eventually. She's way cute and stuff. Well done, sir.

can't wait to come and see her! Congrats again

She is SO stinkin cute! GOOD BABY MAKIN SKILLS!!! We'll bring over Tegan's birthday present when you guys get home! Perfect name by the way!

She is a beaut! Not bad for a baby, little on the old man side but still cute. ;) I can't wait to get back to Logan and see her! Let me know when she is gets blessed (in 6 months) I want to be there.

Oh my gosh she is such a gorgeous little girl!! I am so excited for you guys1 Congratulations again! Parenthood is great!!!

She's a cutie! I am glad that the stork didn't get lost while delivering her! The weather has been a bit crazy lately. At least that's how my parents told me babies are made... I better go write my letter to Santa; if I get it in early I am more likely to get what I want. CONGRATS!!!

Wait...Chris is going to ask Santa for a baby???

I just have to tell you that Kensi got the biggest smile on her face when I showed her Tegan's picture. They must be friends already! She's such a pretty baby. I wish we could be there! Give her lots of kisses for us. We love you guys!!!

she's the cutest grandbaby in Utah! And I'm not just saying that because patrick paid me too--and even though she takes after her dad--a lot!--she is still adorable!

Somehow I'd like to think I had something to do with this, but alas, you are the Patrick...

Love you Jesus-style.

I am not going to ask Santa for a baby, Norte. Anyone who is anyone knows that the Easter Bunny is in charge of that! Geez!

PATRICK! Awesome cute kid. Just typing on your mom-in-law's computer, wishing y'all were here, but you have better things to do. Hey, WHAT IS THE NAME OF THAT NINJA BOOK?! I need to order it. Immediately. Congrats on the birth of your beautiful child. You should rename her "Aaron". I look forward to your prompt response regarding the Ninja book. Take a nap.

SWEET. I found the Ninja book. Look out, world.

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