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All About Me Alphabetically (Because I love Ginger)

By thePatrick

A. ATTACHED OR SINGLE? I'm rather fond of my wife.

B. BEST FRIEND? Christy. Norte is a very close second. Also Matticus. And Choncho.

C. CAKE OR PIE? Pie. Unless it's a Funfetti cake.

D. DAY OF CHOICE? Any day off is a good one.

E. ESSENTIAL ITEMS? Guitar, iPod, Headphones.

F. FAVORITE COLORS? Red, Black, Gray

G. GUMMY BEARS OR WORMS? Bears. I like to lick their spine and feel them dissolve.

H. HOMETOWN? Preston, Idaho.

I. INDULGENCE? I swear upon everything holy, I could down an entire box of Wal-Mart Fruit Smiles.

J. JANUARY OR JULY? January. I'm a big fan of the hoodie, and July prevents that.

K. KIDS? Baby girl is due in 18 days...


M. MARRIAGE DATE? June 2, 2006.

N. NUMBER OF BROTHERS AND SISTERS? Doing the math, I guess it's 3 sisters and 1/2 a brother. (2 sisters, 2 half sisters, 1 half brother)

O. ORANGES OR APPLES. I'm a big orange fan.

P. PHOBIAS OR FEARS? Not knowing when fireworks are going to go off...

Q. QUOTE:"Philosophy is perfectly right in saying that life must be understood backward. But then one forgets the other clause--that it must be lived forward." - Soren Kierkegaard

R. REASON TO SMILE: If I don't, my face will crack.


T. TAG 5 PEOPLE: No. Let them tag themselves. That's where freedom and determinism comes in.

U. UNKNOWN FACT ABOUT ME: Once in Iraq, while on a patrol, we got hit with an I.E.D. while I was drinking a coke. I finished the can before I got out to check the other vehicles.

V. VEGETABLES? We grilled some corn on the cob the other day...

W. WORST HABIT? I tend to bite my nails.

X. X-RAY OR ULTRASOUND? X-rays just tell me I broke something, ultrasounds help me fix it.

Y. YOUR FAVORITE FOOD? I love a good pastrami sandwich.



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Love your philosophy quote.Doesn't blueberry cream pie sound amazing right now?

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