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An Open Letter to the Guy who keeps "shhhh"ing other people who talk when I am talking...

By thePatrick

Knock it off. If you make noise, on top of their noise, it causes me to think violent thoughts about random passersby. Should your interrupting happen at work, then I am reminded that I do not have to pass through metal detectors or get frisked for anything when I first walk through the doors. Same goes for classes. All in all, you should shut up. For real. My friends and I took a vote, and you should go kill yourself. Don't like the result, then go ahead and blame democracy. But should you do that, the communists win. And nobody wants that.
Cease and Desist,


I read your blog every day! I want the public to know that I am your most faithful reader. SO THERE!

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Hey Thony, your "shhhhhhhing" is making so much noise I can't hear Patrick make his point! How am I supposed to be his biggest fan if I can't hear what he's saying? sheesh!

hey Patrick--you've been tagged. See my blog for questions!

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