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By thePatrick

So, last week I had a text message conversation with my mother-in-law. We're cool like that. You don't have to be jealous. Anyway, the main point of the conversation was so that she could tell me that a police officer drove to her house to arrest her for pumping gas and driving off.

I'll repeat that.

A police officer drove to her house to arrest her for pumping gas and driving off. Her words: "He felt kinda stupid when I pulled out my receipt!" But here's where it gets good. Apparently, before he came over, the officer called her and asked her if she pumped gas today. She said yes. He asked if she even tried to pay for it. She said yes, and she had a receipt. So he called the gas station back, but they said they had her on camera stealing gas. So he came to her house to arrest her.

To her house. To Arrest Her. Even though she had a receipt.

I wish I was making this up. Apparently, every other crime had been solved. Rape? Check. Robbery? Yup. Murders? Yeppers. B&E? You Guessed 'Er Chester. The only thing that's left for our officers to do is to track down 45 year old women so that they can prosecute them for pumping gas and driving off. Your vigilance is astounding. The only other option is that the cop was a rookie. I can picture the role call in the morning now:

Chief: Well, today we don't really have anything to do. Earl, you take a hairdryer down to the corner of Main and 17th and pretend that you're checking for speeders. Pull 'em over if they're hot.
Earl: YES!
Chief: Wayne, you'll be in charge of patrolling by the high school and making menacing gestures at all the band kids.
Wayne: Can do, Chief.
Rookie: What about me, Chief?
Chief: Well, there's this 45 year old lady who pumped gas. The video is fuzzy, so we're going to assume that she's stealing. Lock her up.

Other than that, there's really no logical answer.

Quick edit: This weekend we were up in Idaho Falls so that a) C. could take some wedding photos, and b) I could rip out some walls from my bro-in-law's house. While working on the house, the local law enforcement drove past the house at least half a dozen times, just so that he could scout license plates. When my bro-in-law was driving down the road later, he got pulled over, just so the guy could give him a ticket because his plates were expired. This is the same town where people have broken into buildings and stolen a bunch of stuff, but it's more important to pass out tickets for license expiration than find thieves.

Just saying.Justify Full


I know your mother-in-law (pretty well... I grew up just around the corner from C.) and it's hilarious to me that they would think she stole gas! Come on! And if she had a receipt!? Case closed!

It is a funny way they do things in that town. :)

You really ought to have a conversation with other members of my household. It seems that one of Earl's co-workers called the police on Friday to report his car stolen. They would not send an officer to investigate because the spouse had contacted the university to donate the car "at some future time". Apparently, the university thought that Thursday night was "that future date" and came and took the car! Billings is the only town I know of that you can run a red light while speeding and talking on your cell phone in front of a police officer and not get pulled over!!! You gotta love our tax dollars at work, huh?

Getting arrested for dumb things is dumb. I know this.


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