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By thePatrick

I am a busy person. When it's not summer, I am a full time student. I work at least 32, but usually 40 hours a week. I'm married. I have a little girl. Needless to say, I enjoy some caffeine every now and then.

Now, people at work and school will tell you that I am a fan of Pepsi in the first place. It brings me to my happy place. I am also a fan of sugar. Not so much raw sugar, but that isn't too shabby. I'm not quite as bad a sweet-tooth as Norte, but I can hold my own. I likes me some sweetness.

But Sweet Googly Moogly, people, Pepsi has gone above and beyond.

May I present, Pepsi Throwback. Made with natural sugar. None of that High Fructose Corn Syrup. You see, Pepsi is good. Sugar is good. When you combine the two, it makes crazy good. It's a happier Pepsi. It takes you to your happy place sooner. It makes it easier to smile. It's like tongue kissing an angel.

I might have taken this analogy too far.

Point is, this stuff will make you happier than you've been in weeks. Months. Since that one time in the 11th grade when that girl you liked looked at you and didn't laugh at your pizza face. Either way, drink it. Or buy one for me and I'll drink it. Win-win.


Oh so good... Bless you for getting the word out.

I'll have to try it. On a side note, the Pepsi guy hit on me Tuesday at work. Weird. But hey, I got a free soda!

After your ODE to PEPSI THROWBACK, I bought one for my husband. We likened it to what we used to drink as kids in the glass bottles. It was good. Boy, I wish they'd bring back glass bottles.

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