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By thePatrick

A while back, I made a list. Maybe I thought it would be therapeutic if I got it all out of my system. This list involves people that you all see and know. Maybe it involves you. If so, change. What's this list, you ask?

People that Anger Me: a Study in Stupidity.

Brace yourself for a long blog. I'll write them all, but you may want to clear your schedule for a while. I won't go into too much detail, just enough so you know who I'm talking about. And here we go:

The guy who talks/texts on his phone while in the bathroom. The guy who complains about how a bathroom smells when he walks in. The guy that wants to talk to you about anything while you're in the bathroom. The guy at the concert who just bought the bands shirt and is now wearing it. The guy at the concert who keeps yelling out an obscure song title so people think he knows a lot. The guy at the concert who is over 40 (unless it's an age appropriate concert). The sweaty, shirtless crowd surfer. The guy at the game who boos everyone. They guy who calls all the players by their first name because he thinks he's their friend. The guy who sings out loud to his iPod. The guy who can't take his headphones out, even to order a sandwich. The guy who always has to get the last word of an argument. The mumbler. The guy who is the center of every conversation. The guy talking on his phone while standing in line. The guy in class who always asks questions. The guy sitting in the back of class doing his crossword. The old guy in class who has all the life experience. The guy who knows it all. The guy who complains about every assignmetn. The guy who doesn't respect personal boundaries. The guy who sits right next to you when you're at the movies or on a bus and there are plenty of empty seats. The guy who talks to the movie. The guy who goes up the stairs the wrong way. The guy who stands in the middle of the elevator. The guy who walks slow so people can't pass him. The guy who doesn't know the difference between "your" and "you're." The guy who turns left too sharply and almost hits the front of your car. The guy who cuts you off. The guy who drives ahead of everyone in the median and expects to be allowed to merge. The guy that can't figure out a four way stop. The guy who drives for a block in the bike lane so that he can turn right. The guy who leaves his blinkers on. The guy who leaves his blinkers off. The guy who drives slow in the left lane. The guy who merges in front of you then slams on his brakes. The guy who turns into the wrong lane. The guy who won't pass a cop. The guy who drives the radio on wheels. The guy who lives in his car. Freshmen. People how camp out for movie releases. Vegetarians who try to make you feel guilty. Anyone on a Bluetooth. Eleventeen year olds (aka Prostiteens).

Wow. I hate a lot. Therapy, anyone? Did I miss anyone? I need a nap.


What about the guy who needs to proofread his post for spelling errors? LOL.

You and my husband really need to hang out some time. You're too much alike. I always tell "C." I'll invite you over for Sunday dinner sometime. I really need to do that.

I've not had a chance to compare all your list to my own...but just off the top of my head....gas station attendant with the superiority complex, McDonalds worker with the superiority complex, Wal-Mart greeter with the superiority complex. Hmmmmm, its starting to sound like I have my own superiority complex. Not true, I'm just better than everybody else.

I'm just glad it's all guys!

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