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By thePatrick

I humbly submit to you, ladies and gentlemen, this year's entry for Mustache March. It it pure awesomeness in it's most raw form.

For comparisons, to last year, check out Christy's blog here.

So far, my favorite responses have been those of jealousy, a kid in one of my classes laughing out loud, and the fact that Christy 1) had to turn the lights out last night before she would kiss me goodnight, and 2) had to cover up her face so that she wouldn't see mine this morning.

So please, please, please, leave me a comment and let me know how you best describe your feelings of wonder and awe at the rad-tasticness that exudes from these few pictures. HAPPY MOUSTACHE MARCH TO ALL OF YOU!!!


That is.....CLASSIC!

First thing that came to mind when I saw your pic with the ball cap, "Braker braker one-nine...this is rubber ducky to cotton mouth, you got yer ears on?"

As I said before, it is awesome! You gotta love the Fu Manchu look. I love the picture with the trucker hat as well, totally fitting for that 'stache.

For my opinion check this out!

Ummm...Ya. Speechless.

please, please, please tell me you haven't taken to wearing pointy cowboy boots and a "shield" belt buckle. I think I am laughing about this look--and really hoping it doesn't go beyond March!!

my word verification is "sultrab" maybe that's a good name for your new look?

The first word that comes to mind is out-freakin-standing!

My moustache is still thicker than yours!

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