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Believe it or Not...

By thePatrick

I'm not dead!

But I don't even have a good excuse for only posting once in February.

On second thought, yes I do. You can even see my evidence below.

Yes, that's me, the cupid in the top left firing the bow and arrow. Yes, that's Steve Irwin. Yes, that's Mr. T. Yes, that's Robocop. And yes, that's George Washington riding a triceratops. It was a heck of a February. I hereby swear to uphold the Constitution of All things Awesome, and post more. Or the terrorists will win. I'm doing it for America...


You better not let the terrorists win! They hate us because of our blogging. Awesome picture.

I was totally going to blog this picture...well done.

*ponoeish is the word.

I think the reason for lack of posts in Feb. really has to do with the fact that the super bowl hated you and you were just too saddened and didn't want to post all negativity cuz that's not the patrick!...Thus being said...BASEBALL is on it's way so you can post away my friend. POST AWAY!!!

Baseball may be on it's way, but NASCAR has already arrived! In other words, your February was too filled with watching the Daytona 500. I mean, seriously, how exciting is it to watch 42 grown men drive really fast and turn left?

I enlarged the picture and I found Waldo! Along with Osama Bin Laden--and a few women in blue burkas,the Koolaid guy, Rodney Dangerfield, Henry Winkler (the Fonz) Do I win a prize? Where did you find that picture?

my word verification is genongy--what do you make of that?

You always did like pterodactyls and now you got to ride one! Good one Petrie

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