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By thePatrick

So, today I solidified my place in nerdy glory. For those of you who aren't aware, I'm a History Major. Yup. Geek on. And because I didn't feel quite isolated enough from my peers, I declared a Philosophy Minor.

Take that, uber-cool kids.

But you see, that's not enough. Earlier this semester, I was inducted into Phi Alpha Theta. I figured it would look spiffy on applications to Graduate Schools later this fall. But, not to be outdone, the Philosophy nerd in me knew that it wouldn't be ethical to leave him out (see what I did there?) and earlier this evening, I was inducted into Phi Sigma Tau.

My geekiness far outweighs any you have previously come across.

So, just in case that wasn't enough, I was also awarded an Undergraduate Teaching Fellowship for next semester. I'm not sure what that means, other than some cash to go to a class and that it'll look pretty swell on an application. So, because you all care, the plan is this:
1) Finish this semester.
2) Take the GRE and CIL tests this summer
3) Work crazy hard to get applications, but most importantly, letters of recommendation in during the fall.
4) Graduate in December
5) Put our house up for sale.
6) Get accepted to every Grad School I Ever Thought About
7) Move, start the schooling process all over in a new state.

Yup, good thing I can dork-out with the best of them.


Weird! I also just joined Phi Alpha Theta and will be inducted April 15th. Did they do anything weird or stupid for the inductions? Congrats on the fellowship thingie. I have no idea what it is but getting money for anything that isn't illegal is always good. Sometimes for things that are illegal can be good.

Jessica will be so proud to share a birthday with you! She claims the nerd table at high school, along with all her other nerd friends, who will someday rule the world. Congrats on the $$$$ thing. It's always good to get some of that green stuff.

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