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An open letter to the members of Linkin Park...

By thePatrick

Dear Linkin Park,
Stop. There is no reason for you to even exist anymore. I get it, trust me. When you were growing up your mom didn't hug you enough, and your dad didn't take you on that camping trip he promised, and you were cut from the track team when you tripped over a hurdle and broke your arm, and that girl you wanted to take to the prom told you she was a lesbian so she couldn't go with you, even though when you showed up to the prom later that night with your date/cousin, you saw her with the starting quarterback. Your teen years were hard. And, admittedly, they have helped you see success. You won two Grammys, for crying out loud. Applause all around for duping the people who already have shallow taste in music into thinking what you make really is music. And you've sold over 50 million albums. Well done.

But, there is a time to stop singing about how angry your dad makes you, and now is the time. Stop, before it gets even more silly. I know for a fact that there are people who were going to go and see Coheed & Cambria, until they found out that you were touring with them, and they couldn't stomach thinking that some of their money would go to you. You're not only hurting other bands who actually make music, you're hurting yourself. The longer you go on, the more your fans turn into rabid nut-jobs. Not even frat boys will play your music. That has to be a sign, since they still play Soulja Boy, and that lost it's flair after about two days.

Thank you in advance,
A supporter of all things music (you're just not it)


I can't believe you just dis'd my fav band...good thing I didn't get that tatoo of LP on my pinky finger like I had planned!

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