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By thePatrick

So, I have my answer. The Cubs rule. I thought long and hard about it. Mostly, I played my baseball game for the PS2, and was signed by them. And you can ask Christy, I put a lot of effort and research into that game. Also, I thought back to two of my favorite movies of all time, The Blues Brothers and Ferris Bueller's Day Off, both of which have a scene with something involving the Cubs (Elwood Blues puts the address for Wrigley Field down for his driver's license, and Ferris, Cameron and Sloane go to a Cubs game). Also, Will Ferrell impersonating Harry Caray is one of the funniest things I heard in Iraq. I am officially a Cubs fan. I am even thinking about buying a hat. So there. CUBS WIN!!!


Good choice! Not the best possible choice but at least it's not the Yankees. Blake will tell you different but rooting for the Yankees is like rooting for the Taliban in my opinion.

Whoa. I though for sure when it came time to pickin you would have chose the Toronto Blue Jays. Cubs don't suck.

I didn't think that you were actually SERIOUS about wanting to find a team to cheer for...but since you are...what's wrong with the Diamondbacks?

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