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Why neither Hilary nor Mitt would make a good Vice Presidential Candidate...

By thePatrick

And it's all common sense. I don't care if you identify yourself as a Democrat, Republican, or even if you're part of the Natural Law Party (it's a real party, go ahead and google it). The reason that one of the "former" presidential candidates wouldn't make a good vice presidential candidate is simple: you can't spend your entire nomination campaign pointing out someone's every flaw, especially why they aren't a "true" member of your party, and then want them to complete your ticket.

Can you imagine Obama or McCain saying something like, "I mean sure...I said that they were a few french fries short of a happy meal. And dug up every piece of dirt on them I could find. And sure, four months ago, I would have kicked their dog in the face had I been given the opportunity. I told you every little nasty thing I could find out about them. But I was only kidding! They're really swell! Trust me!"

Nobody can say something like that and sound remotely sane. And, should they somehow be able to pull it off, it will not unite their respective parties. If anything, it will make their voters leave for the other party. The voters fought long and hard for their candidates to win the nomination. Then Obama and McCain turn around, and, in effect, poop right on their dinner plates. "Thanks for all the help, and for liking me more than that yahoo, but, you see, you were wrong." It would sure make me flop my vote.

So, in short, to keep up the already flimsy view of the candidates sanity, they cannot expect the voters to unite behind them if they run with someone who they spent the past however many months as a political opponent. It just won't work.

But, hey, you're reading political advice from someone who wrote in Big Bird for President in 2004, so I guess you'll have to think for yourself.



it's a game of politics. i think if you understand that politics is one big shit stick in the first place, it's easy to see that it's just one big...shit stick. for real. so it TOTALLY makes sense, (in my stupid opinion) why they would choose their running mate who also happens to be someone they dogged on. campaigns are based on a lot of...shit sticks. just like all politics. it makes sense because politics suck. how many laws and rules are there in place because of idiot politicians? many. do they make sense, either? no, but they were made by politicians. it's a game. or, as i think i might have said once before, a shit stick. sorry for swearing on your blog. that reminded me of forrest gump when he apologized for ruining the black panther party.

I cannot agree with you on politics, but I think we might agree on one thing...Obama, Clinton, McCain or any other candidate is not necessarily the person I want to vote FOR. Perhaps the better question this election year might be, which one do I want to vote AGAINST? The idea of which candidate scares me more when I imagine them as the commander-in-chief and leader of our great nation will most likely decide how I vote--because I won't vote for the scariest candidate, but his/her opponent, regardless of who the running mate is. (Unless perhaps, Romney is tagged, at which time I would actively support McCain, hoping that his age would amount to the VP taking over the office of president...)

I understand what you are saying and I partially agree with you. It makes no sense to me how you can hate someone and say nasty things about them and their dog for months and then embrace them as a best friend in the hope of getting the vote. But then again politics never makes sense to me. How can you continue to lie about dodging "sniper fire" when there is video evidence to the contrary. How can you flip flop a dozen times in a weeks time on tape and then call the people that point it out as practicing the "politics of divisiveness." How can you claim to do some many things when anyone with a brain knows that you are lying.
So I agree with you but stranger things have happened in the world of politics. I agree with Ginger that I am voting for the person who scares me the least. Thought I would like to see Romney on the ticket to hopefully prevent McCain's idiotic economic & enviromental policies.

Too true, Chris. Thinking that our president could have his economic experience by reading a book by Alan Greenspan is frightening. Again, I'm reminded that there are many people in Canada who are willing to put me up should I decide to flee there when our country colapses, or the Zombies attack, whichever comes first.

Seriously, Canada? You sort of sound like all the rock stars and celebrities who never went when they promised to leave when we invaded Iraq, but then realized our country still has a lot going for it, even IF Obama wins (haha, which he sadly probably will, but that discussion is for another time). I hope you don't leave...because my feelings are, our country will collapse when everything else collapses...which means Canada will have collapsed. But whatever, these are just my stupid thoughts.

Especially since Alan Greenspan told people that taking out an adjustable rate mortage was a good idea...I have never taken an econ classes but even I know that's stupid 99.9% of the time.
A good thing about living in the U.S. is that if we go, the world economy is screwed! Take that Eritrea! It's a real country look it up! As for me I'll go to Central America and start a gang. I'll easily be one of the richest/smartest people there. Which says less about me than it does Central America.

Canada's not bad, if you can survive the -40 winters. Plus, their men's curling team is always in contention for the Olympic Gold. Positives: Jim Carrey and William Shatner. Negatives: Celine Dion and Sum 41. America it is!!!

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