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By thePatrick

Thanks to Norte for this...

Originally posted at The Wordy Ninja here.

Ode To My Beard (now gone): a sonnet
I had a beard, it was red and patchy.
I thought it looked distinguished and handsome.
All the girls, though, said it was scratchy.
One lady liked it and oh, we had fun!
It kept my cheeks warm and cozy.
Lost in thought, I would caress it.
No matter what, things came out rosey.
After I shaved, there was regret.
No cool pic for thy facebook profile!
I thought of all the beard possibilities:
Shave my head and look like a villain with style,
Or grown long, a man without responsibilities.
Now, at my mirror, self-reproach I delve.
I think, “Man, I look like I’m twelve!”


That was funny, but I'm sure that given 15 minutes Angie and I could come up with something, too. Next time you oughta keep it in the family!

I will take you 12 any day if my other choice is the beard and beanie look pictured (creepy)! But wait, if you are twelve then you would have to move back in with us and we would have to do the whole teenage thing again, maybe not! But then again maybe yes, if I could trade in Adrianna and get you instead (boys are so much easier during the teen years--just you wait!) But I can't really see that idea going anywhere because Christy probably wouldn't like to trade you in for "the girl who often rides a broom--or needs to"

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