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By thePatrick

On the poll. Indiana, Maryland, S.C. and Wayne State all offer the dual degree. USU and U of U both only offer the M.A. in History. I don't know if that changes your vote or not. And seriously, let me know which one you chose and why. Because I'm nosy like that. It may be election season, but this isn't a secret ballot.
And I don't care who you are voting for, the picture for this post should make you laugh.


Ok. My NOTS are really only one and that is Wayne State becuz...well, lots of people get shot in Detroit and I'm not down with dat if ya know what I'm sayin' yo! How bout...In state so Tegan and that cute wife of yours oh...and you stay close. PEACE OUT

Dude you know me i'm biased so IU is my choice man!!! Goodnews it's almost monday and you know what that means

Check out this little blog entry by TAMN for her take on the McCain picture! http://seriouslysoblessed.blogspot.com/2008/10/dee-bate-group-hug.html

that is way funny! awesomely awesome!

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