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Looking to Kill Some Time This Weekend???

By thePatrick

So, it took me a while, but I finally found a template for the blog. I tend to like it. Let me know what you think. Anyway, it's Conference Weekend. Pajama Church, as I like to call it. But I'm headed to Pocatello (don't ask). So, I decided to leave you the best 5 links I found lately. They made me smile. Chiggity-Check it...

Ever wonder what your name would be if you were born a Palin?

Think you know your U.S. Presidents?
How much of what the candidates say is utter crap?
The Apocalypse is coming...do you know what to do?
Sweet merciful heaven, this game is addicting

There you go. Enjoy life. Until next time.


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Pssh...of COURSE I know what do when the zombies come!

Such silliness...

Yay for Pajama Church!!!

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