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Even if it means going to Russia in February...

By thePatrick

Norte, Huff and I have a goal. We are going to make the 2014 Olympics. "But Patrick," you may ask, "how do you plan on doing that? Those are Winter Games! You don't ski, you don't play hockey, you don't ice dance. Plus, your midsection is soft as rotted fruit. What event could you possibly compete in?"
Easy. The best one. Curling. We are in a curling class, and I personally have decided (and I think that they are with me) that we are going to become obsessed with the sport (and it is a sport). If rhythmic gymnastics can make the Olympics, then sliding 44 lb stones down the ice sure counts. What do I mean by obsessed? I am going to join the curling club on campus. I am going to join the Cache Valley Stone Society. I am going to pay my dues to be a member of the US Curling Association. One day I will own my own broom. I'm not saying that one of us will captain the team, but heck if we aren't going to try. So, any of you in the Cache Valley area, this Monday at 7:30 pm at the Eccles Ice Arena is open ice. Come and learn how. You don't even need to wear skates. Your street shoes will suffice. See you there. Oh, and for a sweet curling video (yes, they do exist) check out Norte's blog.


All I am going to say is that if you are going to decide the captain by a blog poll; I'll be accepting bribes anytime you are ready! I'll accept check but cash is preferred.

I've always had an quiet yearning to be a stoner, I just never knew how to get started. Could you....would you help me get stoned?

I bet you are hot when you curl

when you make it to the games, will you get me a cool jacket?

Maybe your mom will buy you a broom--can I just get it at Target? =) It's probably not that kind of broom huh. We're serously tempted to come for Monday night--it could be Family Home Evening.
p.s. Christmas isn't too far away, maybe Santa will bring you a special "Nimbus 2008" Curling Broom!

dude 2014 needs to come quick i'm ready for the big show on the ice

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