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By thePatrick

First of all, look at this picture. My little girl finally fell asleep as we were on our way to Matticus' house, and I had to snap the picture to forever memorialize her cheeks. Yes, her dad bought her that rad-tastic beanie. As Christy already mentioned this week, we think that about 75% of her body weight is in her cheeks.

Second is kind of bittersweet. Angie got the sweetest job ever. For those of you that don't know, my sister Angie is awesome and has been watching Tegan a couple of hours at a time two days a week while Christy is at work and I have class. Without pay. Not even a brownie or two. She has been awesome with Tegan, and Tegan sure is going to miss her aunt Angie time. (Insert plea for cheap-as-free babysitter here).

Third, because my sister is awesome, and because she actually reads my blog, she gave me a pack of Haribo Mini Rainbow Frogs. Just because she saw them and thought of me. She loves me.

Fourth, my Brenda-in-law mailed us a package, complete with a jack-o-lantern onsie for Tegan, and Fruit Snacks for me. She also loves me.

Fifth, check out this duck-like bird. I was walking home from school, and it was just kind of chilling on the sidewalk. It didn't even try to move. Ducks are pretty much cool, and if you don't believe me, then you obviously are unaware of the tendancy my wife has of adopting ducks. I figured this one didn't need me too bad, so I let it be. Still rad.

Sixth, one of the on call guys at work called me yesterday asking if he could work for someone on Thursday. I work Thursday, so now I get the day off. Troy, if you read this, I promise that now I will stop stalking you.

So, even though I have a bunch of stuff going on (work, school, church, etc.) there are moments that make it all okay. I am thePatrick, and I approve this message.


EVERYTIME! That picture of Tizzy makes me smile.

I'm gonna miss those cheeks!!

Is this where I leave my resume to be your free'er than free new babysitter? :)

i love that picture of Tegan. So cute. I like the hat! she is ready to go to Russia with the Curling team

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