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Should I be more stressed than I am???

By thePatrick

So, school has started again. Joy of joys. Thus far, the semester has started off swimmingly. As in, my student loans paid for school (blah) but I still have not received the money from the school. Which, of course, means that I don't have any of my textbooks. Scratch that, I have the one that I need for my Philosophy class. I did talk to the financial aid people today, and they "confirmed" that my check should arrive either today or tomorrow. Not today, but thanks anyway. It's kind of hard to be caught up with your work when you can't read anything. Luckily, it is still the first week, and the professors are at least semi-lenient. But looking past the minor detail of not having money in my bank account or books with which to do any homework, I am fairly calm. Even after having done the math. I only have 3,080 assigned pages of reading. I only have to type 48 pages worth of papers (averaging the page limits for each paper) and do 4 separate group projects. And, with my major, I can always look forward to GRAD SCHOOL!!!


Don't you just love school? One of my favorite all time movie quotes is paraphrased, "one day you'll wake up and realized you've dropped 250 grand on an education you could have got for $3 in late fees at the library." With that in mind good luck in school!

Hang in there! Love ya!

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