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By thePatrick

Like most of the population of the world at this time, I have Olympic Fever. If you aren't sure if you are one of them, let me run through the symptoms real quick: soul-crushing boredom, indifference, faux patriotism, and constantly saying "What the heck is this?" If any of these apply to you, I prescribe a healthy dose of changing the channel and/or drinking an entire box of wine (or a case of ginger ale, if you'd rather).

However, being an American, I can't help but watch. Sure, we don't have television, but I sure soaked up the Olympic broadcasts like a sponge while we were at my parent's house this weekend. I mean, I even watched women's water polo. Of course, the big draw has to be Michael Phelps. The man is a beast.There was an awesome article about him being the best athlete ever over on espn.com (see it
HERE). My personal favorite quote from the article comes after they were talking about how Phelps broke his old world record in the 200 Butterfly with a leaky goggle. Yes, that means that he was pretty much blind. Like running a marathon with your shoelaces untied. He said that there was "nothing else he could do but swim". The article continues:
"Yeah. He could just swim the 200 butterfly faster than anyone ever has before. He broke his own world record by six-hundredths of a second. Broke it while swimming with a Dixie cup full of water sloshing against each eye, guessing where the walls were on the turns."
And Phelps seemed pissed off during the interview that he wasn't faster. Another favorite description of Phelps from British freestyler Simon Burnett:
"He's not from another planet. He's from the future, and his father sent him back in a time machine. Sixty years from now, he's only an average swimmer, but he's sent him back here to mop up."
So, pretty much, I'm addicted. We should now start spontaneously chanting. U.S.A! U.S.A.! U.S.A.!


Sixty years from now, I'm only an average angel of sarcasm, and you're only an average supervisor from hell!

I couldn't agree more. The only thing I can't watch is synchronized diving. How the hell thought that was a good idea? They are getting rid of softball and baseball but synchoronized diving? Of course the socialist countries like China always win, duh! USA! USA! USA!

He's Naked!!!!! YAAAA !!!

once again another subject and picture that is ruined due to you. Always will remember "I'm Naked"

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