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Did You Miss Me???

By thePatrick

Of course you did. But there's just a few items of housekeeping that I need to take care of.

First off, yes, I enjoyed my trip to the Oregon coast. All except for the part where pretty much the entire family got sick. Me? I decided to wait until we were driving home to puke my ever loving guts out. I win the award for being able to expel my stomach contents into a grocery bag while driving 75+ mph down the highway while steering with my knees, scaring the tar out of my wife, and making my baby girl wonder what the strange noises her dad is making mean.

Second, I'm done. No, not with the blog, with the job. I had been employed at a residential treatment facility for the past three years. It worked great with my school schedule. I had seniority and all that jazz. But it wasn't what I wanted to do with life. In fact, it made me hate people. But now I work at the Merrill-Cazier Library on USU campus. Since I ultimately want to get my Master's of Library Science and work at an academic library, this job is more along my career goals. Pay is the same here as the last job, and the benefits kick more benefit butt than any benefits I've ever had before.

Lastly, what I've learned from my time off. Some days I really don't want to blog. Some days, I want to blog a whole lot. So, that's what I'm going to do. No more self imposed 10:00 deadlines. If I don't want to blog one day, I won't force something out. If I have a million different things to post, I'll do that. I especially like this plan with all the things that are going to be going on. I just started a new job. I take the GRE on the 18th. School starts again on the 24th. I have to apply to Grad Schools all semester long. There may be some days where blogging isn't a real possibility. But I'll do what I can to keep the masses happy, because that's who I am.


I am glad you're well again. That is so awesome about your job and the benefits. I have promised C. a billion times to have you guys over one of these Sundays for dinner. I really need to get that done. And I promise to talk. ;)

You're self-imposed prison term is finally over! Now that you are away from the cesspool you're conversion to individualism (conservatism) can begin. ;) What do you do/where do you work at the library? Good luck with the GRE!

PS Doesn't it feel great now that you do have to go to YT?

Hey, I watched Taking Chance this evening. Thanks for the suggestion. I think every American should watch it and realize how grateful we should be for those of you who defend our country. Anyway, thanks again for suggesting the movie. My husband and I are going to be recommending it to our family and friends as well.

I guess I did;). Congrat's on the new job. You must have an appetite for bookworms. Have you read, "How To Eat Fried Worms"? It was a must read when I was a kid.

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