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By thePatrick

And yet...nobody knows about it.

But only because I don't post. So, a quick update, then a question for all two of you (three on a good day) that read this blog thing.

First of all, school is school. I should be graduating in December, assuming that I can pass all of my classes and the stupid Computer Literacy tests that USU requires. My classes are pretty cool, at least if you're a history nerd like myself.

Work is going well. I'm really enjoying working at a place where people straight up crap themselves a bit less. The people I work with are rad-tastic, but that's not taking anything away from those poor souls who(m?) I left behind.

Baby T. is getting big. She likes to talk and thinks that she can walk. C. has taught her the names of her first Disney princesses.

For those who care, the beard is coming back. I'm a fan. Plus, now that I work somewhere that I can dress up for Halloween, I can incorporate the beard into a costume. Excellent.

So, now for something that has been on my mind a lot lately. Really, it's a question to all of you. I'm talking about "theTwitter." Basically, I am pondering to tweet or not to tweet. One of the reasons that I am thinking about it is because, while I can't always post to this blog, it feels like I can always find time to update my status on theFacebook. From what I understand, theTwitter is pretty much just theFacebook statuses. Statusi. Whatever.

So, now I turn it over to you, and I do want your feedback. Do I Tweet? Would you care? Would anybody? What say you?

Lemme know...


I don’t understand the appeal of Twitter. You already do the same thing on Facebook. How many different social networks do you need to be involved in that do the same basic thing? I can’t ever see myself joining Twitter but I did say the same thing about My Space. Have you sent out any grad school applications yet?

First: 'Whom' is correct. As 'I' is the subject of your sentence, the individuals would be the direct object(s).

Second: Twitter is amusing, but really has no point. Kind of like ice cream. So there's my bit of advice. I have one. But I also love ice cream.


If you do the FB thing, why would you NEED to do the Twitter thing? I guess I'm with Chris on this one--just how many social networking sites do you need that basically do the same thing?

my own social experiment proved to me that twitter was a POS. I say No.

I totally concur with Conservative Chris... I DON'T get the appeal of Twitter either. In fact, I know way too many people who basically twitter on facebook. (My sister is one of them -don't tell her I said that). So I say no to tweeting. But good luck in school and I'm glad to know you're alive. ;) And T...... keep working on that walking. Gotta keep your parents on their toes.

I was entertained by twitter for about ten minutes. I'm with CoG. It's the same people everywhere you go, so what's the point of multiples?

Glad that you're alive and well, but, please tell me you're not going to become a "twit"erer. And most definatley incorporate your beard into your Halloween costume! I always do.

Tweet. Do it. Become twitterpated.

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