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2008 in Review, Onward to 2009...

By thePatrick

I am lazy. Not "needs to be moved around by a forklift" lazy, but "why work harder when you can work smarter" lazy. So, I've decided to look back at last year and forward to this year all with one awesome post. Because I can. And because you'll read it. Also, I'm going to take a page out of the book written by my good friend Leigh and condense this year. You know, for easier reading and whatnot. So, here it goes...

January: "Wow, it's cold in here. Good thing my dad can fix a furnace."

February: "We'll just do Valentine's Day later, because we both get to work."

March: "Hooray for petting dolphins!"

April: "BenFoldsBenFoldsBenFoldsBenFoldsBenFoldsBenFoldsBenFolds!"

May: "Oh look, you're feet are swelling. Isn't that cool?"

June: "Goodbye anniversary, hello baby!"

July: "What do you mean, 'you don't care if Lewis and Clark would have done it?'"

August: "I may have accidentally hit him in the head with my elbow when I was turning around, but I promise it wasn't intentional, Mr. Security Guard, sir."

September: "It's okay, V.A. I didn't really want the G.I. Bill anyway."

October: "Columbus was a jerk."

November: "Let's stay up really late and write a lot of papers about Slaves and Plato and Civil Rights and stuff."

December: "$70 for a booting fee? In our own lot? While there for 45 minutes? Do you even have a soul?"

And now for a look at 2009. I resolve to do a lot of the same crap I did this year. Why? Because I'm pretty rad. However, there are some thing that I want to accomplish. I will still love my wife and little girl. I will spend even more time with them. I will graduate in December. I will pass the GRE during the summer. I will play Wal-Mart bingo. I will blog more, since people seem to enjoy it. I will focus more on the now then on the later.
Enough already. We'll call that good. It's my list, anyway.


Stealing it. April and August made me laugh.

Also, the word I have to type is penwa. Try waying it out loud. It's fun!

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