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By thePatrick

For those of you who have been living under a rock for the past year, today is Election Day. So, I don't care who you're voting for, you need to go out and vote. Are you a left leaning liberal? Vote. Are you even more conservative than my main man Chris? Vote. If for no other reason than so that you will have the right to complain. If you're guy gets in, congratulations. You're a winner, too. If he doesn't, then you automatically get the right to complain about every boneheaded move made during their tenure in office. Did I go vote? You bet your boots I went and voted today. I was in Iraq trying to bring the right to vote to an entire nation. How would it look if I didn't vote? Who did I vote for? You see, that's one of the great parts of being American. I don't have to tell you. I may never tell you. I could have been saying I would vote for someone all along, and when I got in the booth been ticked off at the world, and written in Darth Vader. Doesn't matter. I don't have to tell you. I voted for my guy. You vote for your guy. If your guy and my guy happen to be the same guy, well big freakin' deal. Vote. Polls close around 7pm most places. Hopefully most of you already voted. But there's still time. Go vote. VOTE!


I voted and got a cute sticker...I think you were there. And YES I know you are proud of me.

I voted for my guy! Unfortunately, he lost. :<

Nice blog Patrick! I quite enjoyed it. It's a great day to be an American; even for a conservative like me!

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